Ndumbi Gold

15 06 2009
Ndumbi Gold breeding pair

Ndumbi Gold breeding pair

This weekend I am excited to be taking delivery of  a group of Pseudotropheus sp “Ndumbi Gold”. These are extremely rare fish and there is almost no information about them at all on the internet. They are found in many parts Lake Malawi and closely resemble Pseudotropheus Saulosi. Female fish are yellow/orange and males are blue/black. Only a few wild caught pairs have been imported from Lake Malawi and the fish I am getting are from the first generation of fry from one of these pairs (F1). They have been bred by Cambridgeshire based breeder Ben Dwinger. He has a few more of these left so if you fancy getting your hands on some of these special fish you can get in touch with Ben via Aquarist Classifieds.




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25 06 2009
New Arrivals (Ndumbi Gold) « Cichlid Diary

[…] in my troublesome Maingano and the 3 Trewavase that I wasn’t hugely keen on in exchange for 6 Ndumbi Gold – or so I thought. I ended up leaving with 11 Ndumbi Gold between 3 and 8 cm long, the […]

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