Bubble Trouble

16 06 2009

Seems my filter is filling my tank with thousands of tiny bubbles which is all very annoying as my water looks filthy and cloudy when its not! Its also making a bloody racket. Altering the position of the spray bar to reduce the amount of surface agitation didn’t really seem to help so I took the filter to bits to try and locate the problem.

This is a painless process with an Eheim Filter. First I drained the filter by closing the input value then when I could hear the impeller turning in air I closed the output valve and shut the motor down. I unclipped the catches round the pump head and removed it easily. Too easily in fact as there should have been some friction from the tightly fitting O-Rings.

Broken seal

Broken seal

The problem was immediately obvious once the pump head was lifted – the top O-Ring was completely shot. The consequence of this is the filter was sucking in air as it filled up and after going through all the filter media the bubbles became extremely fine.

I have ordered a spare from Charterhouse aquatics which could take up to 14 days  to deliver. I hope it doesn’t take that long as while I like Champagne, I think it looks better in glasses than it does in fish tanks.




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