Labidochromis caeruleus (Electric Yellow)

18 06 2009

Currently my Labidochromis caeruleus fish are between 8 and 15 cm long and are yet to reach full maturity. Of all the Mbuna I have these seem to be

Male Yellow Lab

Male Yellow Lab

the most placid with no aggression to other non specific Cichlid species and very little towards their own kind. That said, I have witnessed one nom its way through 30 guppies in 7 days so dont go thinking this fish is Mr Nice.

I sourced my group from 3 places, the first from Time 4 Pets, a small general pet shop in Welwyn Garden City, 2 from Aquatic Design Centre in London and 2 from an independent breeder in Watford.

Surprisingly the best specimen is from the small pet shop, it has a vivid yellow colour, distinct and sharp black strips on pectoral and dorsal fins. The labs from the Aquatic Design Centre are probably hybrids as they are quite milky in colour and have only the faintest black stripes on the fins. The are also developing unsightly dirty bars and blotches on their bodies.

I guess the moral of the story is not to assume that because you are buying stock from a reputable shop, the fish aren’t hybrids. In fairness to the shops they aren’t realistically able to check and verify the parents of all of the fish in their shop and most of their stock is too young to be able to tell visually if its good quality of not.

My group aren’t breeding yet, but are probably likely too in the near future as the dominant male is building caves left right and centre.With 2 of them being hybrids, sadly there is not really much I can do when they start besides leave the fry to the mercy of the Synodontis catfish.




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14 07 2009

Those labs that are looking milky are most likely malnourished and in need of some good vitamins. Try looking up AD Konings’ Shrimp mix recipe on the net. A few weeks on this diet and you will see them in full bloom. You only need to feed them this. Bin whatever fish food you have as most likely it lacks the necessary nutrition need by your fish

14 07 2009

Really? Im feeling them Spirlina Flake, NLS and Hikari Gold?

2 07 2009

The yellow lab is one of my favorites, he is so common but still sought after.
The best thing to do when keeping cichlids is to buy them from different places as you did.
Thanks for sharing.

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