Tropheops sp “Makokola”

30 11 2009

Here are some of mTropheops sp "Makokola" Maley first wild caught specimens. They are a pair Tropheops species collected from Makokola Reef which is right at the southern tip of Lake Malawi. The female is an Orange Blotch variety and is absolutely gorgeous. The male is more aggressive than I would like, especially towards the female but its not bad enough to warrant removing him (thank god!).

Tropheops sp "Makokola" Female

Their behaviour is noticeably different from my tank bred fish. They spent much more time grazing algae from the rocks and are yet to develop a keen taste for spirulina flake but I’m sure that will come with time. Excitingly they showed breeding behaviours with the female taking a keen interest the males display just the day after being introduced to the tank. Unfortunately it didn’t come to anything and nothing else has happened since apart from a bit of chasing. Fingers crossed for the future!




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