Pseudotropheus cyaneorhabdos

3 12 2009

Along with the Tropheops sp “Makokola”, I also got a pair of wild Pseudotropheus cyaneorhabdos. This is often a misnamed fish, it was recently known as Melanochromis but was reclassified along with a few others (including johanni and interruptus, more about that later). Its also known as a variety of trade names – Maingano, Electric Blue Johanni etc but these are very often hybrids.

I had some tank breds a while back but the male was very much bigger than anything else in the tank and was a dreadful bully. The new wilds are playing nicely so far but the male does now have his own territory which he enforces vigorously. The female hasn’t shown any interest in him so far but its still early days.

My fish were collected at Maingano which is on Likoma Island.




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