Stevenage Specialist Aquatics

5 12 2009

Excitingly a new fish shop has opened in Stevenage which is just down the road from me. Even more excitingly, it specialises in rift cichlids! Its called Stevenage Specialist Aquatics and is run by chap called Ricky. Ricky used to run an importer of wild caught cichlids called Rivac. His new venture is a small shop but with a bigger warehouse behind to accommodate more stock as be business grows. He is also buying good quality stock so any of you breeders out there might want to get in touch…

Here are some photos of the stock:

And just in case you wondered how fish shops filter all those tanks, heres how:




4 responses

7 12 2009

Hey JJ, thanks for the comment, might bump into you at some point!

8 12 2009

Hey dakuan,
you have already bumped into me lol in the shop when you where taking a few photos.
You took some great photos i like them allot you managed to get a few nice ones.

8 12 2009

Sorry not ment to be anonymose its jj.

6 12 2009

Hi i live in stevenage and i have this great shop just opened round the corner from me,
The shop looks stunning and has a great LARGE variety of Malawi cichlids and other rift valley cichlids i haven’t seen anything like it for a long wile if you get the chance you must pop in to have a nose around.

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