Makokola Mayhem / Latest Stocklist

6 01 2010

My wild pair of Makokola have been getting increasingly frisky and correspondingly aggressive with it. Even the female has now become prone to chasing fish and my new patricki have been getting an especially hard time of it. They aren’t dangerously aggressive and haven’t killed any other fish but they are becoming over dominant and most of the other fish are showing very little colour – especially and most disappointingly my new wilds. They are very much bigger than all the fish in my tank bar the acei which are extremely passive. So very reluctantly, I am lending them to a friend who has a tank with plenty of other large aggressive adult mbuna as im not ready to part with them entirely.

I have also moved on a few bits and pieces, here is my current stocklist:


1m/2f Metriaclima pyrsonotus ‘Nakanthenga’

1m/1f Metriaclima patricki ‘Chidungu’

1m/1f Labidochromis freibergi ‘Likoma’

1m/1f Pseudotropheus cyaneorhabdos ‘Maingano’

1m/1f Pseudotropheus minutus ‘Manda’


7x Pseudotropheus sp ‘Ndumbi Gold

3x Melanochromis dialeptos


3x Labidochromis caeruleus

4x Labidochromis hongi

2x Pseudotropheus acei ngara

1x Pseudotropheus acai yellow tail




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