Labidochromis freibergi

19 01 2010

I recently set up a 3ft tank for my Pseudotropheus minutus as they were looking a bit sheepish in the big tank with the big fish. I also got a pair of Labidochromis freibergi. These are cute litte fish, the males are blue with diamond barring and the females are similar in silver. 

Unfortunately the male is in rather a hurry to have babies and was really giving the Mrs a hard time so hes back in the big tank for now. When the female is looking plump and ready I will repatriate him for a brief liason.




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24 01 2010
Octozin Day 1 « Cichlid Diary

[…] Day 2 dose of octazin, so far there have been no deaths but all fish seem a little bit subdued. The labidochromis freibergi seems to be deteriorating quite badly and is sitting on the sand motionless. Quite a shame as he […]

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