So far so good

31 01 2010

The Octozin course finished last week, after two days the fish were looking good – everyone was busy and seemed hungry. I tentatively tried a small amount of food and to my delight, everybody ate! It seems therefore that the treatment was successful so I have not repeated it. A few days on all the fish still seem healthy.

To recap, I after a death identified as bloat, I noticed a number of fish not eating. Initially I intended to treat only the affected fish in a hospital tank but it rapidly became apparent that I would not be able to contain all the afflicted fish in the 2ft tank I had available. I ceased feeding entirely and treated the main tank immediately, first doing a 60% water change then embarking on a 3 day course of Octozin at 4x dose. At the end of the Octozin course I did a 80% water change. After a further two days of observation I resumed feeding.

I will be changing the way I look after my fish in future: I will only feed in the evenings now when I can observe closely for an extended period. I will only feed pure spirulina flake sourced from Germany and I will keep enough medication on hand to be able to attack bloat as soon as I see it.




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