So far so good

31 01 2010

The Octozin course finished last week, after two days the fish were looking good – everyone was busy and seemed hungry. I tentatively tried a small amount of food and to my delight, everybody ate! It seems therefore that the treatment was successful so I have not repeated it. A few days on all the fish still seem healthy.

To recap, I after a death identified as bloat, I noticed a number of fish not eating. Initially I intended to treat only the affected fish in a hospital tank but it rapidly became apparent that I would not be able to contain all the afflicted fish in the 2ft tank I had available. I ceased feeding entirely and treated the main tank immediately, first doing a 60% water change then embarking on a 3 day course of Octozin at 4x dose. At the end of the Octozin course I did a 80% water change. After a further two days of observation I resumed feeding.

I will be changing the way I look after my fish in future: I will only feed in the evenings now when I can observe closely for an extended period. I will only feed pure spirulina flake sourced from Germany and I will keep enough medication on hand to be able to attack bloat as soon as I see it.


Octozin Day 3

27 01 2010

Yesterday was the end of the Octozin course so I did a very large water change, approximately 60%. Still no more loses and all fish are perky and active.

Looking good so far, will be monitoring closely for the next 2 days before deciding whether to do another course of treatment or not….

Octozin Day 2

25 01 2010

So far so good, no new losses incurred. The demasoni are still looking very sorry for themselves but the labidochromis freibergi is perking up and is now swimming around the tank rather than resting at the bottom. Promising signs, but by no means out of the woods yet. Final does of this treatment of octozin is now in the tank…

Octozin Day 1

24 01 2010

Am just about to put in the Day 2 dose of octazin, so far there have been no deaths but all fish seem a little bit subdued. The labidochromis freibergi seems to be deteriorating quite badly and is sitting on the sand motionless. Quite a shame as he seemed better this morning and was swimming around. Tomorrow will see the final dose go in, fingers crossed it works but currently it seems I will incur further losses…