New Arrivals (Ndumbi Gold)

25 06 2009
Ndumbi Gold Juvenile Male

Ndumbi Gold Juvenile Male

So I went to Sawston (near Cambridge) to do some fish swapping with notorious cichlid breeder Ben Dwinger. I traded in my troublesome Maingano and the 3 Trewavase that I wasn’t hugely keen on in exchange for 6 Ndumbi Gold – or so I thought. I ended up leaving with 11 Ndumbi Gold between 3 and 8 cm long, the intention being to get a group with ratio 1m:3F out of them. They are great looking fish and really are golden in colour, and far less like the relatively drab Saulosi than I expected. Some of the males are starting to colour up and develop bars but I think it will be some time before they go blue.

Juvenile, perhaps a female

Juvenile, perhaps a female

Chaos however, has enveloped my tank! My yellow labs have gone beserk, perhaps now the asbo Maingano are gone they are attempting to fill the power vacum. Things should settle down soon once the new pecking order has been established and some of the male Ndumbi have been identified and removed. In the mean time the labs are unsure of whether to mate with the Ndumbi or beat them up and for the time being its ruff in the jungle fish tank.




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